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Welcome to the Minecraft Nexus! Run by PixelLee!  On this site you can share skins, resource packs, mods, capes, and more! All in one website.

  • Find diamonds...
    Find diamonds...
  • Or find him...
    Or find him...
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    Ride a Pony! :3
  • All In Minecraft!
    All In Minecraft!
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Find diamonds...
Find diamonds...

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What's Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game which consists of thousands of resources of which you must find to survive three
main dangers: monsters, hunger, and of course other causes (drowning, falling off a cliff, burning to death, exedera. Minecraft is a pixelized cube game that is a game of strategy, where you can create anything that floats about your mind, What are you waiting for? The World Is Yours.